Sunday, June 18, 2000

My Deltek Wish List

These are not the small wishes, these are the BIG ones which would completely revolutionize how we use the system. You have your own you say? Well what are you waiting for! Click on the Comments link and post your feedback!

Here are the big 5!

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1. Expose Costpoint *Insert your favorite product here* objects:
Accounting System from the User Interface. Imagine your own form for creating projects, with only the fields you need! This is an ERP system; it should be more customizable on the user end. Want to create 1000 projects from a spreadsheet? Create it through Visual Basic, or my personal favorite, Python. Write your own preprocessors! Build your own web based front-end for a Deltek screen in hours! Integrate enterprise systems in days! WOW! There are no limits! I want to see Deltek listed on this VBAEnabled Software page!

2. Web Based Oracle Style Support:

I login to my Support account on the web, write a detailed description of my problem, upload screenshots of errors etc. What could be easier? Deltek Consultants team up; browse through problems; focus on their strengths to help each other out. I can keep track of all my open requests. Look up my history to see how we fixed this problem earlier (before we applied the upgrade! how often do you have the same problems after upgrades?). No more: You Call; Leave Message; They Call Leave Message Miss You; You Wait ad infinitum. (To give Deltek some credit, the present system isn't bad, but this could be sooo much cooler!).

3. Support Open Source/Free Databases:

Their not as good as the commercial databases, but their out there and could use more support. Imagine free databases customized for Deltek software. No more SQL Server/Oracle licenses based on users/processors etc. This could make Deltek software much cheaper to implement! Want to check out open source databases? Look at PostgreSQL (most likely candidate)
or the upcoming release of the completely free (price and source) Interbase.

4. Linux based clients:

Three words: "Illegal Function Call". I have clients crashing all the time in windows leaving ghost users, corrupt tables and some very frustrated users. Yes, we could probably migrate to Windows 2000 but that means new hardware, more resources, additional license costs. Would would it take to port some of the Deltek applications to Linux? Free; Stable; Open Source.

5. More Documentation

The documentation we get is fine. But it could be better. Half the support calls I make would be unnecessary if I could get more information about the system; not how to use it, but how it works... Maybe even a user discussion site where I could talk to other people who use the same module. Perhaps find out how they do things when they run into problems... oh! wait! Looks like this has already been done at e-DUG!!
Let us see if it helps!


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