Friday, May 03, 2002

Costpoint Specialist Wanted

Since there really isn't any other good place to post Costpoint jobs, I've decided to post them here if they are submitted as stories. Here goes: Comsys currently has an urgent need for a Costpoint Specialist. In this position, you will serve as the Costpoint expert responsible for communication between the functional teams and the technical team.
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There will be significant interaction with the functional and business teams to determine requirements, implementation procedures, etc. Along the same lines, you will also serve as a liaison with the internal technical team and the technical team at the Costpoint vendor.

The ideal candidate will have extensive experience
with Costpoint, along with experience in accounting. This accounting experience would include building tables, etc. Along with specific knowledge of Costpoint, the ideal candidate will also be a strong communicator.

This is a permanent position in Phoenix, AZ, with an annual salary of K-K. Anyone interested should email his or her resume to Any referrals would be appreciated and rewarded with a referral bonus if that referral is hired.


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