Thursday, July 24, 2003

Job Posting - Houston, TX

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Anyone who is looking for work in the Houston area and has Oracle 8i, Costpoint, WebET and Impromptu support experience, please check out requisition 1892 on our public website at: under the careers link.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

How to print bills on company stationery as PDF files

Here are instructions on how to print a Costpoint bill to PDF using company logo & stationery. I emailed these to the Yahoo Deltek User group. Hopefully, future users will be able to use Google to find this!
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It is a little complicated to setup, but here are the steps:

1. Get a program that allows you to print to a virtual printer and create a pdf file, one such shareware program is PDF995 and you can get it here:
You will need both PDF995 & PDFEdit995 from the above site.

(another completely free program can be found here, but it does not support the stationery feature used in step 3 below):

2. Install the above programs. It will install a new printer on your computer called "PDF995". When you print from ANY windows application and choose this printer, a new dialog box will popup asking you where you want to save the printout as a pdf file. So you can use this program to create a pdf format bill by printing to the printer "PDF995".

3. You need to create virtual PDF stationery that has your company logo. The best way to do this is to scan in your existing company stationery that has the logo. After you scan the stationery, open it in an image viewing program and convert it to pdf by printing to the PDF995 printer. Once this is done, open PDFEdit995, Go to the Stationery tab and click the button titled "Create Stationery from last document printed". Now you can check the box titled "Automatically Impose Stationery on all documents printed" and all new pdfs created will be on the company stationery. Alternatively, you could skip checking this box, but rather, come back to this screen after printing the bill and click the button titled "Impose Stationery on Last Printed document"

4. Login to Costpoint and print the bill to the PDF995 printer

Let me know if this works out!

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