Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Deltek - your hybrid diesel technology

"Deltek" was a fairly unique name. A web search almost always yielded pages related to the software company that brings us Costpoint. That changed a few months ago when Carrier Corporation released a new Deltek. This time, Deltek is a hybrid diesel electric cooling system: Please click on "Read the rest of this article!" link below.

Saying that the product offered higher reliability, easier maintenance and significantly lower lifecycle costs than ever before, Carrier Transcold introduced Deltek hybrid diesel technology late in October.

“The high reliability and reduced maintenance needs of Deltek technology will result in better equipment utilization and greater operational efficiency for the entire cold chain,” Ignacio Aguerrevere, director of marketing and product development, Truck/Trailer/Rail Americas for Carrier Transicold, said.

Aguerrevere said patented Deltek technology was a radical departure from the conventional mechanical technology that has defined transport refrigeration systems for more than 50 years. “Through expanded use of electronics and maintenance-free electrical components, it offers a streamlined design that does away with most serviceable mechanical parts, such as belts and clutches, and it greatly reduces the refrigerant charge compared to conventional systems,” he said.

Carrier appears to have trademarked the name. While trademarks are specific to each industry, it would appear that Carrier constantly uses the phrase 'Deltek technology' thus making it easy to be misunderstood for Deltek the technology company. That is until you reach the part about diesel and refrigeration!


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