Friday, May 12, 2006

Deltek signs on new Business Intelligence partner

Deltek's primary business intelligence partner has been Cognos for as long as I can remember. Cognos is the No. 1 vendor in the BI field and their products have always impressed me. Starting with the new web based Smart Business Applications, Deltek began a partnership with Actuate to include a reporting engine in Costpoint. In previous user conferences, some indication was given that IT departments would be able to write their own Actuate reports. I have not met any users that are currently doing this and have not received any suggestions lately to take advantage of this. From an internal controls standpoint, I prefer our built-in Costpoint reports be identical to the stock Deltek reports so they can be relied on for accuracy without extensive internal QA efforts.

Deltek today had a press release announcing a partnership with a new "visual" business intelligence partner Panopticon Forge. This partnership appears to be with the professional services side of Deltek.
A revolutionary performance management tool, visualisation uses a unique combination of shape, size and colour to replace pages of cumbersome data with a single interactive and graphical view of a firm’s project health. Trends and risks are immediately apparent and can be quickly analysed to determine the actions necessary to drive greater performance.
While Cognos ReportNet has been fairly impressive, the included graphing options are limited. It would be interesting to see if this partnership yields any benefits on the Costpoint side of Deltek.

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The full press release can be found here.

Here is one more excerpt:

“Panopticon’s innovative visualisation software will give our clients an unprecedented, executive-level view of their entire project portfolio, enabling them to quickly identify risks and opportunities, and easily drill down to the projects at risk in order to take corrective action,” said Eric Brehm, executive vice president of Deltek.


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