Saturday, July 14, 2007

QlikView Unleashes "The Art of the Possible" - DMReview

New business intelligence vendor Qliktech has an online product review posted by Steve Hunt, CIO of SI International, Inc at DMReview. You can watch an introduction to their BI platform here.

QlikView stores all data in memory for speed and on-the-fly calculation of all metrics and summaries.

Here are some extracts from the review:

QlikView Unleashes "The Art of the Possible" - DMReview:

"SI International is ranked as the 40th largest federal prime IT contractor by Washington Technology and has approximately 4,300 employees.

PRODUCT FUNCTIONALITY: SI International built QlikView applications for revenue/expense, labor utilization and customer-support reporting. QlikView provides dashboard views and detailed analysis of more than 1.4 million rows of financial data and another 1.1 million rows of labor utilization data. Updated data is extracted weekly from the Deltek Costpoint system and cross-referenced with data from other corporate systems. End users can examine results from millions of rows of data with a few mouse clicks. Year-over-year trend data became available for the first time, as did new insights into information by drilling down to virtually any level of detail. QlikView is also being applied to streamline time-consuming monthly operating reports (MORs), which managers previously had to prepare manually from the Deltek Costpoint system, multiple Excel spreadsheets and contract system reports. Replacing the manual procedures will collectively save the company thousands of hours every month... With Microsoft SharePoint as SI International's core collaboration platform, QlikView reporting is just a click away using a standard SharePoint Web Part

SELECTION CRITERIA: For internal use, SI International considered several traditional BI products but could not justify the higher cost of implementation and maintenance. One executive from SI International downloaded a trial version of QlikView, spent a couple of hours learning the basics and, in less than three hours, built a QlikView application that analyzed data previously hidden in more than a dozen spreadsheets. That success was sufficient to justify additional assessments. In only three days, QlikTech built three proof-of-concept applications using SI International data and convinced any remaining skeptics. Company executives quickly agreed to proceed with QlikView."


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