Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Analyst Equity: No news from Deltek

Lighthouse is a consulting firm that helps companies with their analyst relations - "helping vendors to build their brand and win more sales recommendations from industry analysts by targeting the most influential analysts and using the right balance of methods."
Analyst Equity: Cognos and Autonomy join the top 25 of the Lighthouse Software Index: "Deltek (-25) is firm showing the biggest decline this month as there appears to be no news for analysts to ponder on."

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

SandHill.com | Finance | Software Finance

The investment community continues to keep a close eye on the upcoming Deltek IPO.
SandHill.com | Finance | Software Finance: "several public companies previously taken private by Leveraged buyout firms are now poised for reentry. While only two such private equity owned companies are currently in the IPO pipeline (Deltek, a New Mountain Capital portfolio company, and SS&C, a Carlyle Group company), we expect as many as a half-dozen more to file S1s in the next twelve months, as private equity firms look to cash in, provide returns to patient limited partners, and allay debt repayment concerns that could stymie future buyouts."

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