Thursday, February 21, 2008

Government contractor targeted features in Microsoft Dynamics SL

Microsoft Dynamics SL now has some government contractor friendly features, potentially targeting the same market as Deltek Costpoint:

CRM Rocks! EHTC CRM Team Blog.: SL Project Accounting Demo Online: "Microsoft recently held a Microsoft Government Contractor Summit. One of the sessions was specifically regarding 'Project and Financial Management Solutions for Government Contractors.'

To see how this process works, click here:

The highlight of this session were the robust reports that a partner developed for government contractors. This report pack includes Job Summary Reports, Statement of Indirect Costs, DCAA Schedules, and Indirect Cost Analysis reporting to name a few. See Presentation for reporting samples. These are super-critical to government contractors."


At 4:46 PM, Anonymous Pierre Hulsebus said...

I am very interested in is seeing Deltek and Microsoft CRM integration. I understand that the CRM in Deltek is not so hot relative to the Microsoft CRM solution, or so I have heard from some users. I have met some folks who have integrated the 2 apps together. I have work on CRM integrations with other back office applications before so I am very interested in this concept.


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