Thursday, April 10, 2008

IBM rolls out tools for non-techies, developers to build mashups

It is not clear if this is Cognos related, but given the fairly recent acquisition of Cognos, it would make a nice addition to Cognos Connection. At a Deltek User Conference technical session a few years ago, I had asked if there was an easy way to enable RSS feeds out of Costpoint data. The starter scenario was to allow project managers to view the latest accounting activity regarding their projects on their intranet launch page with an RSS feed. This would make data more accessible and allow them to catch erroneous charges without waiting for month end reports, running a Cognos report or even navigating to a Cognos dashboard. The presenter responded that generating RSS feeds would probably be in the Cognos reporting tools domain. The new mashup products below might take us closer to making this happen.

IBM unveiled two mashup products today, one designed to enable non-technical business users to quickly build new applications by melding data from various sources, and another that's positioned as a mashup development environment for technical users.

The first product, the IBM Mashup Center, is designed to allow any business user to drag and drop mashup components from personal, enterprise and Web sources to create new customized Web applications, IBM said. Planned to launch in beta on April 15, the Mashup Center also includes the management, security and governance features that IT departments usually require for the corporate use of mashups.

IBM rolls out tools for nontechies, developers to build mashups

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