Friday, May 30, 2008

NASA's publicly accessible workforce information Cognos PowerPlay cubes - InformationWeek

NASA has public Cognos PowerPlay cubes accessible online containing all its workforce data available here.

The Workforce Strategy Division in the Office of Human Capital Management provides updated WICN Cubes every two weeks. The cubes contain multiple dimensions - any of which can be dragged over to replace the row or column currently shown. Clicking on a row or column label will drill down to a lower level of detail.


Who Works Where?
Locations, occupations, grades, salaries, demographics of NASA employees. This information comes from the personnel/ payroll system.

Who Works on What?
Deployment of the workforce across all the Agency’s missions, themes, programs and projects. This information comes from the Agency’s labor distribution system

and more...

Found in a related article about NASA's retiring workforce woes:

The average age of NASA employees is 46.2 years and rising, and the space agency forecasts that more than 4,000 of its full-time workers will retire over the next six years [...]

It's easy enough to see the demographic data that's driving NASA in this direction. The agency makes its workforce data publicly available via Cognos PowerPlay business-intelligence software. You can view NASA's workforce data cubes on the NASA site here.

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