Friday, May 30, 2008

Social Networking for government contractors: Deltek Partners with mySBX


Deltek... announced that it will be sponsoring two on-line communities within the mySBX destination portal to help Government contractors connect, collaborate and share information and opportunities to enable their businesses to grow.

[...] mySBX is a destination portal that will enable users to grow their businesses, find new opportunities and access content specifically built for their industry. Enabled by a first-of-its-kind collaborative platform, government contractors are able to partner, share information, exchange billable opportunities and access valuable insight into best-of-breed vendors and services.

[...] Deltek is sponsoring two cornerstone communities: Earned Value Management (EVM) and Cost Accounting Systems. Some of the many features of these communities include an "Artifacts" section for hosting documents and training materials, a "Directories" section of constantly updated and ranked source for community key players, as well as sections for service and technology providers, government agencies, useful websites and company professional associations. There are tools for managing upcoming events, conferences, training and user meetings. In addition, webinars are offered to help users stay on top of topic issues as well as journals, articles, research capabilities, on-line books and blogs. Users can even utilize an "Ask the Expert" section to access a group of on-line industry professionals to help with designating the top contributions in each area to maximize their mySBX community experience. - Deltek Partners with mySBX to Enable Government Contractors to Connect and Collaborate in New and In


At 1:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Microsoft has a similar service in the works........


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